By Kerenga Kua MP
Shadow Attorney General
& Minister for Justice & Attorney General

Tuesday 23 April 2019


The Shadow Attorney General and Member for Sinasina Yonggomugl, Kerenga Kua says Mr Justin Tkatchenko and Ministers responsible including government agencies in Lands, Environment, Physical Planning need to explain to the People Papua New Guinea whether or not the O’Neill government lawfully followed all relevant and due processes in their latest project, Chinatown in Port Moresby.

Mr Kua said, “The controversial land in question was initially zoned as ‘Special Purpose’ title where Telikom PNG (OTC) had their transmission towers, once a “Restricted Area”. Since then it has undergone several changes in its purpose to whatever it is today and the public needs to be assured the O’Neill Government is not taking another disastrous decision giving away valuable state land to friends and associates.

“I wish to state categorically this is not an attack on the investors and or China. It is important for this country that our government respects its position as representatives of the people and negotiate outcomes which are most beneficial to the people of Papua New Guinea and not solely for their own self-interest and financial gain.

“During the announcement of the development last week, both Mssrs Parkop and Tkatchenko brushed aside questions by journalists (Tuesday 16 April 2019) whether or not they followed the correct processes in the sale of the land in question to the Chinese developers.

“For this reason, I would like Mssrs O’Neill, Parkop, Pundari and Tkatchenko to prove to the people of this country there are Board resolutions from Telikom and Kumul Holdings for the transfer of this title of to the new title holder. In order for this land sale and development to proceed all relevant Ministers need to first carry out an audit on all processes.

“Importantly, it needs to be confirmed that necessary studies were carried out to confirm that current Public Utilities have the capacity to support such a development, such as Water, Electrical Energy, Sewerage, Drainage, Environmental contradictions, Vehicle traffic, Financial Impact on business currently operating within the Boroko business precincts, were considered and followed.

“All stakeholders being the People of Papua New Guinea, the business community, and any potential foreign investors need to know and be confident that all necessary pre-development processes have been followed and adhered to by Mr O’Neill’s Government.

“Are our authorities and Government agencies such as the Building board, the Department of Physical Planning fully aware of the development plans for this site or is this another politically expedited plan like the UBS loan and other backwardly hatched plans of the O’Neill Government?

The People of Papua New Guinea are very familiar with the failed, rushed development plans around Port Moresby by the Parkop City Council and the Lands Minister such as overhead bridges, failed storm water drainage easements, including badly engineered and congested roads.

“We need to be assured our land, our country is not being traded to settle debts we have amassed with China and other deal brokers. I therefore ask the government of the “People of Papua New Guinea” to show transparency and allow the proper authorities to inform Opposition and the people of People of Papua New Guinea they have given the necessary approvals for this development to proceed lawfully and in accordance with all protocols prudent to a development of this size,” said Mr Kua.