Wednesday 1 May 2019


In the lead up to the next sitting of Parliament the Shadow Attorney General and Member for Sinasina Yonggomugl, Kerenga Kua calls on Members of Parliament to play their part to give PNG a chance to recover from the economic mismanagement of the O’Neill/Abel Government.

Mr Kua said, “The well-oiled foreign propaganda machinery of the O’Neill Government has over the last seven years confused the people of Papua New Guinea on the true state of our economy and the decline of our social services in both our cities and rural areas.”

“In 2014, PNG’s revenue increased significantly thanks to the Somare Government’s PNGLNG project. The O’Neill government is yet to commission a project of the size of the PNGLNG. And yet off the back of the PNGLNG the O’Neill/Abel government recorded the highest revenue in PNG’s history, but this did not translate into improved standards of living for the people of this country.”

“The reason for this is the obvious mismanagement of public funds by the O’Neill/Abel Government. If my fellow members of parliament do not take a stand now and rid Papua New Guinea of this despotic leadership our people will continue to suffer regardless of what new and great projects are brought in by this Regime.”

“I urge all members of parliament to put aside self-interest and put the people of Papua New Guinea first. This government has seriously impoverished our people yet its publicity machine brag about its failed free education policy. Our health services are worse than what they were 10 years ago in contrast to the wealth (revenue) of this country.”

“The construction boom that started in around 2004 has all but halted as the O’Neill Government discriminated in the public tender process to favour its besties. Today Mr O’Neill has left many of these besties on the wayside in favour of Chinese contractors. We will lose our infrastructure, land and resources if we continue to take out Chinese loans.”

“But importantly I urge members of parliament to distance yourselves from Mr Peter O’Neill so that he can face our courts without any interference and abuse of office. You can save the people of Papua New Guinea from this tyranny.”

“Law and Order cannot be restored if Peter O’Neill is still Prime Minister after this coming sitting of Parliament. Members of Parliament who continue stand with him will eventually have to face the wrath of the people of this country when trying to stand again in 2022. Please give PNG a chance by simply moving away from this man, Peter O’Neill.”


Kerenga Kua MP
Shadow Attorney General
& Minister for Justice & Attorney General