By Hon Kerenga Kua MP
7 MAY 2019

The Shadow Attorney General and Member for Sinasina Yonggomugl, Kerenga Kua today expressed disgust with the continual lies by Prime Minister O’Neill and PNC Party that they were mandated by the people of Papua New Guinea.

Mr Kua said, “I want to know why Peter O’Neill thinks he is not subject to the rule of law like every other citizen of Papua New Guinea. His continual efforts to frustrate accountability has seen a severe erosion of fundamental pillars of democratic governance, and also to a diminishing of important institutions of the State.
“Prime Minister Peter O’Neill continues with his unrelenting assault on democracy. He now claims in a statement that PNC were mandated by the people of Papua New Guinea and presumably that he was chosen to be Prime Minister by our people.”

“Let me educate the Prime Minister that there is a fundamental principle of governance called the separation of powers. This is enshrined in our Constitution to ensure that power is not concentrated in the hands of one individual and consequently subject to abuse. This same principle allows freedom for all. Our Constitution provides for votes of no-confidence so how can O’Neill claim that ‘it is an illegal attempt to bring down a properly mandated government’. O’Neill spat on our Constitution in 2011 and he does so yet again in 2019.”

Mr Kua in disgust would like Prime Minister O’Neill, to “please explain why he keeps boasting about his infrastructure spending when he is withholding K100 million of hard-earned pay from teachers and public servants that they are legally entitled to?

“It is Parliament that elects a Prime Minister and it is Parliament that is legally permitted to withdraw support for a Prime Minister. This is not done directly in general elections. Does O’Neill truly believe that he can hijack the law again and is not answerable to Parliament?

“When I entered public office not only did I undertake to be accountable to my people but I promised to ensure that Government was held to account to all our people. We have witnessed O’Neill abuse executive powers to restrain the legislature and shield himself from scrutiny and the rule of law.

“I say no more – enough is enough. The time has come for us to put Papua New Guinea first and to remove O’Neill.”


Kerenga Kua MP
Shadow Attorney General &
Minister for Justice & Attorney General