Press Release

Hon. James Marape


Today with respect to all elected Leaders on both side of the 10th National Parliament, I would like to announce my instruction to the Opposition Leader, Hon Patrick Pruaitch CMG MP as mover and the seconder, the Hon Sir Dr Puka Temu CMG, MP Member for Abau to withdraw my nomination as alternate Prime Minister in the proposed Vote of Confidence.

“Circumstances leading up to the 7th of May 2019 caused the 50 Honorable Members of Parliament on the Opposition side to elect me as the Alternate Prime Minister through Melanesian consensus but the country is bigger then just me. When I resigned from being a Finance Minister from O’Neill cabinet, I did not do it to be Prime Minister but in my lost of faith in present Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to continue leading our country” James Marape said.

“I had 7 years of trying to advise, Honorable Peter O’Neill to translate ( amongst other work ) and transfer our country’s wealth to our country , her SMEs, her local landowners , her provincial governments but O’Neill’s propensity to subscribe to personal , Crony and corporate interests has forced some us away from his government.

For instance 7 years on and as Finance Minister I had no visibility on the earnings of PNG LNG projects which presently produced over 500 shipments of LNG, where is this money is the honest question that not even treasurers since 2014 when first LNG produced can answer” former Finance Minister Marape said.

So I resigned as Minister not to be Prime Minister but be part of a new government that can chart a new future for our country with honesty and giving our people new sense of purpose and direction away from the part O’Neill has been leading us.

“ I encourage those many Prime Ministerial candidates and good free thinking leaders presently with O’Neill to detach and join all of us on the alternate government side to put their personal comforts aside for the interest of the future of our country. The offer of alternate Prime Ministership is on the table” the Member for Tari says.

Hon. James Marape

Member for Tari Pori