26 May 2019


A secret ballot among our team of Members of Parliament is an ideal way to select a new coalition leader to replace Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in coming weeks, Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch said today.

Mr Pruaitch said many Papua New Guineans are praying that the new coalition of like-minded leaders and political parties will forge a socio-political course that brings hope and new opportunities, including improved living conditions for the PNG people.

“Among our group are several well-qualified, potential candidates for the position of PNG Prime Minister. They have honed their professional and cultural leadership skills and have the capacity to heal recent divisions and forge a brighter future for our people,” he said.

Mr Pruaitch, the Opposition Leader since the 2017 election, said the 63 MPs should all have a chance to vote for who they feel would be the best candidate to unite the new Coalition and be the next Prime Minister of our great nation.

“The best and most democratic way of choosing the new Prime Minister would be through a secret ballot where all Members of Parliament in this group can vote for who they believe should be the country’s new consensus leader,” he said.