26 May 2019


  • The alternate government will improve the nation’s economic performance

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill continues to play deceitful political games by publicly announcing that he intends to submit his resignation in a matter of days, Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch said today.

“Mr O’Neill took office in August 2011 in manoeuvres the Supreme Court twice declared to be illegal and he chose to ignore these findings. Now he thinks he can usurp the powers of Parliament and appoint who he pleases as Acting Prime Minister,” Mr Pruaitch said.

The Opposition Leader said if Prime Minister O’Neill genuinely intends to step down as Prime Minister, as he told the media today, he should submit his letter of resignation to the Governor General tomorrow (Monday) so the formality of electing a new Prime Minister can commence when Parliament meets on May 28.

Mr Pruaitch said he has no doubt the 63 Members of Parliament within the Alternate Government far outweighs the minority in the Government coalition in terms of wealth of experience and capacity to run the affairs of this nation.

He said: “The recent findings of the Ombudsman inquiry against Prime Minister O’Neill in the illegal UBS loan affair has brought dishonour to the esteemed position of PNG Prime Minister.

“Prime Minister Peter O’Neill continues to disrespect PNG laws and traditions in the dying days of his administration. He has no authority to appoint an Acting Prime Minister. It is also unbecoming of him to appoint Hon. Sam Basil as Deputy Prime Minister when the current occupant, Hon. Charles Abel, continues to enjoy that position.

“Mr O’Neill should stop his political charade and pave the way for Parliament to elect a new Prime Minister when it meets on Tuesday.”

Mr Pruaitch said a new government needs to be put in place urgently to repair damage the O’Neill Government has done to a previously strongly performing economy.

He said: “The O’Neill Government was all about big prestige projects focused on the national capital to the detriment of people living in districts and provinces throughout the country.

“The Alternate Government promises to ensure more balanced policies that will improve the nation’s economic performance and underpin positive changes for communities throughout the nation.”