Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch today thanked the Opposition team for their support and role that lead to the resignation of Peter O’Neill today as the Prime Minister.

Mr Pruaitch said, “I take this opportunity to thank the leaders of various parties that came together in the opposition camps to force Peter O’Neill to resign. We could not have done it without the serious efforts and sacrifices from everyone.

“I therefore thank Mr James Marabe, Sir Puka Temu, Mr William Duma and others in government who joined forces to oust Mr O’Neill.

“As members of parliament we cannot be complacent while the O’Neill government causes our people to suffer in our towns and rural communities.

“The people of Papua New Guinea have witnessed the huge expenditure levels of the O’Neill Government and the gradual shrinkage in our economy. Despite the huge increases in revenue between 2014 and 2017, employment opportunities were diminishing as businesses began to shut their doors.

“Forcing the resignation of Mr O’Neill gives people of Papua New Guinea comfort that our members of parliament truly understand the hardships our people are going through and will nominate a Prime Minister and a team tomorrow that will do its best to deliver on the promises of better economic management, restoring confidence into our system of government, committing itself to improving law and order and reforming and resetting service delivery to our people.

“I thank the public in Port Moresby today for keeping calm and following the important event take place in Parliament.”

Hon Patrick Pruaitch CMG MP
Leader of Opposition