PNGSDP is Ready to Take Western Province into 2018

In the light of the development challenges in Western Province, we have a real hope at the end of the dark tunnel.

Many thanks to the Morauta Government for their wisdom then in setting up the offshore investment, PNGSDP, on behalf of the people of Western Province.

On behalf of the people of Western Province, we thanked Sir Mekere Morauta for this wonderful investment he created. A virtual mine for the people of Western Province, that will continue to generate revenue and benefit the province for many years to come.

We appreciate Sir Mekere Morauta also for his continual efforts to protect this investment despite the various pressure, criticism and personal attacks in regards to this Investment.

Whilst on this, I’d like to also thank and acknowledge the sons of Western Province who took up their intellectual weapons to fight the giant miners of Ok Tedi then which consequently resulted in the birth of PNGSDP. The likes of Chief Rex Dagi, Alex Maun, Diar Gabara and their comrades. You are HEROES.

PNGSDP Board members, majority of the board members are compromised of senior statements from PNG and two expatriates. Among the board members we have one from our own province, a university professor by profession.

Singapore has a very stringent Investment laws and we are pleased to know that the investment has been tripple coated and insulated from any internal and external challenges. The people of Western Province can now appreciate that our Investment is safe and it will continue to support the development aspirations of Western Province for many generations to come.

Over the past few months we have been trying to find a way to bring back PNGSDP. Though it has been tough, today we would like to announce that we have FOUND A WAY to bring the dividends from the principal Invested for Development purposes in Western Province. On that note we would like to thank all the custodians of this investment for assisting us.

We understand that there are many development needs and expectations in Western Province. PNGSDP will in consultation with the Provincial Government will start some initiatives next year and ownwards.

For a start PNGSDP will fund the following initiative next year.

1. School Project Fees (Elementary to Grade 12) ALL SCHOOLS IN WP
2. Fund Rubber Program ( NFR)
3. Installation of 4G Network (DIGICEL).
4. Rural Airstrip Maintainence (RAA).
5. Reopen Daru Barramundii/Fish Hatchery
6. Distribution of Treated Mosquito Net’s
7. Eye Testing and Distribution of Eye Glasses
8. K1million by 3 District as District Support Grant and K1million for FRPG PSG.
9. Combat TB (World Vission)
10. WASH program (World Vision)


By Hon Sekie Agisa, Governor Taboi Awi Yoto, Sir Mekere, and Hon James Donald,