We understand that as the school year closes in, parents are more worried about how their kids school fees will be paid in 2018.

We understand that the PNC led government’s TTF policy still stands, every kids doing grade 12 and below will be covered in this policy.

Despite the National Governments TFF policy many parents are still struggling to pay project fees in WP. Furthermore due the non receipt of the infrastructure portion of the TTF policy, many infrastructures in Schools continue to deteriorate in our schools.

Under the Yoto_Gainu Government which the 14 LLG president and the 3MPs are part of has noted these issues. Particularly the project fees for kids attending elementary to grade 12 and fees for tertiary students.

By next year 2018, PNGSDP will take care of all PROJECT FEES for kids attending elementary to grade 12. On that all schools should use this project fees to improve their school infrastructures.

The provincial government will take care of the tertiary students. The Yoto _ Gainu government, unfortunately due to revenue constrains, we will only subsidize fees for tertiary students. We have budgeted K3million for this exercise. Apart from that the 3DDAs will chip in K500,000 each to support the initiative, bringing the total to K4.5million. Priority will for tertiary students attending the six universities and all government and mission operated colleges through out PNG. We will also subsidize fees for students attending IBS and ITI.

We have also allocated, K1 million to support the LinkWantok Project an overseas Scholarship Scheme.

We are also talking to other potential revenue source to support this initiative. We are adamant this will take prominence as well in the years ahead.

We have not forgotten those who will be taking other educational paths. We are conscious of everyone leaving grade 8, 10 & 12. We will continue to find and support alternative options for every school leavers to progress.


Hon Taboi Awi Yoto, MP

Western Province