MP, James Donald – Member for North Fly

by James Donald, MP – Member for North Fly

# Because Rural People Will be Impacted Most
# Rural People will have to spend hundreds of kina just to get to town and get a new sim, many of them dont have ID cards, which is another problem.
# James Donald represents 35,000 people in the North Fly District.


I am honest to tell the Minister for Telecommunication and NICTA that I will be the only MP who deliberately decides not to register a sim card that I hold. By Monday 01st January 2018, if the deactivation is on then I can go off.

Everyone might describe me as its unbecoming of a leader to do this. There are many grounds to my action but the main one would be that there is no flexibility for all customers through out the country to register.

I represent rural electorate (North Fly) that has over 35,000 people and three quarters are in rural areas.The three quarters are Nomad LLG, Olsobip LLG, Ningerum LLG, and Kiunga Rural LLG.They are still not aware of this registration despite its announcement. It would be better for me to be like them once the deactivation is up. I feel for them because they will be cut off from rest of the world. One of the requirements to register a sim card requires the customers to provide ID cards. I am sorry for these population as to how do we expect them to have an ID.

What specifications should be made reference for ID? They don’t have ID cards. After deactivation, it will cost the poor rural people to run to towns and cities to known what is happening and finally they will be told of the deactivation. Poor guys will have to spend again to purchase sim cards with new phone if need be and depends on budget and the cost involved for their travels etc.

Digicel Company you should be happy with people of Western Province because digicel have well over 70 towers and they are making millions out of my district and province. On the other hand if you loose clients from this part of the country then it will be good for us because it is a savings for us.

I understand the issues of Cyber crimes that every government was fear because of social media reasons resulting in enacting in the parliament during the last 9th Parliament.

Are we in fear because every PNGean is now waking up using social media.

Are we depressing freedom of speech by everyone. It is because of these reasons that the last 9th Parliament Government show it fit to enact to have everyone to register their sim card so that they can track those cyber crime committers.

Are we driven by these group of giant communication companies who see fit to bulldoze our country and make big profits and we are serving their interest.